Animal Jam Item Generator

Tool to get diamonds, Rare, Spike on Animal Jam


Animal Jam item generator was the result of collaboration between the Smart Bomb Interactive and the National Geographic Society. They created a virtual playground for online multiplayer. Here you can earn bonus points to redeem codes that are found nowhere else. The game was released on September 10th, 2010. From that time it has only experienced an up growth with a count of approximately 10 million members.

The whole game is planned inside the Jamaa world where they have to work their way into different locations, environments, and habitats to play and this, in turn, helps the kids to learn several things about the ecological system. Every player in this game gets their own dens that they can decorate and customize according to them with different items. Players are allowed to collect several animals from the habitats they travel into. The gems and points the players win can be used in various items through the games. This has also received good response from parents, and according to them, it is helping their kids learn about the environment better.

How to get Animal Jam Item generator and how to use them?

Smart bomb Interactive came up with this amazing multiplayer web game in association with National Geographic Society in 2010. This has received an amusing response with almost 500% development and is recently adding a huge number of players. This is one of the major quick children properties all over the world. This is very strict about its policies and doesn’t publicize out of context. Animal Jam Codes are situated in Jamaa world where the players can have a virtual environment of rainforests, deserts, etc. Every environment comes with a set of facts, games, shops, etc. In this players can choose their own choice of animal avatars. They can also decorate their own dens and adopt their pets. Also, the players of one game can interact with other players through chats, gifts, and parties. The players are also rewarded with different achievements as they pass through levels by collecting several facts, friends and as they upgrade their dens.

If you have used up all your working codes, then this is the best tool for you. This tool is a very safe tool for a trainer which provides working tools to you. You can easily download this on your PC from the link, and if the link is not available, then it is because of some update that is being done.

Now there are several benefits to the memberships. The major benefits are you get exclusive clothing material while you are the member. You get access to another different animal present in Jamaa land. You get party invites and adventures to go to. You can also customize your name, color, and image. You get early access to different areas and adventures.

Free Animal jam codes that people get when they are not willing to spend money any further

People are offered with different certificates, codes, and cards while they use this generator. If you are not willing to spend any more money while you enjoy playing games, then this is the perfect place for you. So what do you need to do when you want to earn points? You will just have to sign up for a membership that will directly earn you bonus points. Also, it is important to keep a check that the offers you take up are from your country itself. You can start by doing surveys or downloading games which will earn you points and give you a start for your game as soon as you complete the game. Also, you can use either the online version or the download version of the panel. In both the cases, the offers are similar, and you will have to follow certain points to earn points. Once you have points, start using them on membership codes and rewards.

How to get diamonds on Animal Jam item generator?

Diamonds are a type of currency used in Animal Jam generator. Gems are also used with diamonds. The diamond shop is the place that they can be used at. You can see how many diamonds are there by clicking on the gems icon. Now there are several ways how you can get diamonds on animal jam:


  1. Using a Promo Code

Animal Jam has several promo codes that are released every day and can be used to collect diamonds, gems, and other things. There are ways to find these codes. You can select the “I have a code” option after signing into your account and add your code. Also, you can directly find the redemption page that has the Animal Jam codes. Codes change and expire all the time, so it is important to keep track of them.

  1. Memberships

If you are a member of the Animal Jam Item Generator panel, then you will receive one diamond every week for free. But for membership, you need to have an account that is paid. Every week pop up will reward you will one diamond, and you will have to click and accept it. There are different memberships with different diamonds like:

  • A three-month long membership will reward you with 10 diamonds
  • A six-month membership will reward you with 25 diamonds
  • A one-year membership will reward you with 60 diamonds
  1. Daily Spin

Every day a spin happens through which you can win several items and diamond is one of them. So do the daily spin in order to win one.

  1. Diamond Challenge

Almost every week a challenge takes place where there are several winners for every game. You can easily win up to 5 diamonds. You can find the challenges in the Animal Jam Blog.

  1. Gift Cards

If you are gifted any cards, then you might win a diamond on that card.

  1. Purchase the Diamonds

You can easily purchase them if you are out of cards and coupons. Diamonds come in packs of 5, 10 and 25.

How can we get free generators in Animal Jam Item Generator without taking a survey?

This is one way to download the generator and play without having to take a survey while you do so. You can use the animal jam hack by connecting it to your account. The actual animal jam generator gives you authentic codes and cheats. Once your membership is over, and you have to renew it or get a new one you are asked to do a survey, and if you use the AJ hack, then you can easily avoid it and have access to all the codes and cheats with the real working properties. There is a blog that will help you work out your way through it.

The animal jam generator hack can earn you codes without having to spend a penny on any of your purchases. It is completely cost free and gets you the exact same code as of the actual software. You have to know how the account works in order to utilize proper pros that come with it. You can easily visit their website in order to sign up for the free membership. You will get to know everything starting from a number of diamonds, to being the consumer, etc. you have filed some contents and can easily change them later while you are still a member.
Animal Jack Hack is a completely free of cost way to make several purchases and also for in-app purchases. For this hack, you will have to use a cheat code and use it in the suitable place and then you’re good to go! You don’t need any different software’s or applications to be installed on your phone or laptop.

Are there any Animal Jam Item Generator Promo codes?

There are several promo codes that can be used in order to redeem several gifts and items. The gifts and items can be diamonds, gems and other items and upgrades. Now there are also codes for memberships and for the basic game. The general and new codes of the game are listed below:

  1. For using the year-long free membership, you can use the code “99uuenma” on the checkout page.
  2. For the monthly membership, you can use the code “AND1” or “DIMND16”. This code is only valid once for every single user.
  3. For the week long membership, you can use the code “Awesome13”. Also, this is only valid for new users.
  4. If you use the code “be my buddy” for the first time, it will get you 1000 gems.
  5. If your total order is worth of $50 or more, then the code “Ngk2016” will help you get 1000 gems.
  6. The code “trench” is applicable for over 500 gems, but there are restrictions that are applied.
  7. If you are an existing player/user who has spent before, then you can earn around 500 gems if your use the code “”
  8. The code “Friends” will reward you with around 1000 gems, and the code “Explorer” will get you 100 gems the moment you use it.
  9. The code “ANIMALjamRoCKS200” will immediately get you over 200 diamonds if used.
  10. You can use the code “AwesomeAnimal956” in order to receive 100 free diamonds in your account.
  11. You can get one diamond absolutely for free when you buy a package and use the code “”


Do the Animal Jam Generator Codes expire?

Of course, they expire, and we are sorry to break your bubble, but yes after a point of time, they can’t be used any further. The codes and cheats that rule the whole game and the rare item generator do expire after a point of time, and then you have to either purchase new codes or cheats, or you have to find a way to hack those codes from somewhere. So yes, you can always use the Animal Jam Item generator hack to find new codes, promos, bonuses, cheats and offers after your purchased codes end and no longer work. Or you can buy them using your membership in the real AJ membership account. Once you buy the codes, it is completely safe and also should be done under parental supervision.

Here are some of the codes that completely new:

  • party– 500 gems
  • NGKAJ17– 500 gems
  • phantoms– 500 gems
  • llamas– 500 gems
  • arctic– 500 gems
  • birthday– 500 gems
  • explore– 500 gems

And here are some of the codes that have already expired:

  • mega– 1000 gems
  • trench– 500 gems
  • tojam– 1000 gems
  • animals– 1000 gems
  • ajbday5– Animal Jam 5th birthday cake
  • picsou– 1000 gems
  • twelve– 1 diamond
  • beano– 1000 gems
  • NGKJammin– 1000 gems
  • newyear15– 500 gems
  • outback– 500 gems
  • pets– 500 gems
  • winter– 500 gems
  • adventure– 500 gems

And codes like drawing, shadows, chimbu, tigris, ganges, ngk2015, ajbday4, spooky, nile, Zambezi, kama, HOOOT, kangaroo, koala, dolphin and AJHQ3000. So be careful while you sign up for membership. Always check the codes and cheats that are offered. There are several websites the list of the new and upcoming list of codes are given along with the ones which have already expired. There are several codes that expire in the span of a month or even a week so be careful to check the date while you subscribe or use one.

So, this is all that you need to know about Animal Jam if you are a new user and are willing to use it either for yourself or for your kids. This is a simple and free of cost way to play different games, earn diamonds and gems and lastly teach the kids about their environment, ecology and habitat without having to annoy them. They will enjoy the virtual reality that is present in the game and also would willingly learn about different animals and plants found while playing the game. So go ahead and check this out but make sure to check the terms of services beforehand!